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The Uncanny Patron Paradox

In the last few blogs, I began to explore the possibility of spirits—even beings we worship as gods—lying to us in one form or another. I was going to continue that thought in this blog, but, sadly, real-world events—both near me and far away—have come very close to what I was going to talk about. I feel that the current horrors of religious zealotry we have seen in real life have already done better to explain the points I was going to make. I’m not talking only about the things you see on the international news, but the small-town stories I keep seeing about people doing horrible things to other people because they are convinced that an otherwise “benevolent” being told them to.

Perhaps I dragged my feet too long in posting these. Or perhaps the demons I mentioned earlier have delayed me for exactly that purpose. Regardless, there is only one more point I want to be sure I make before this dark season is over.

Because we know that some spirits can lie, and because we know that those lying spirits can pretend (very well) to be spirits we would otherwise trust, we are never to be absolutely sure of the spirits we are dealing with. This may come as a shock to those of you who embrace the paranormal with open arms, but that angel, that dearly departed loved one, that spirit of a frightened child, or that indwelling “Holy Spirit” may not be what you want it to be. I’m not saying to flee from all of the supernatural world. I’m just saying to stay vigilant.

And to those spirits out there who truly are what they say they are—the angels, lost lovers, frightened children, and even the true Spirit of God—I say this:

I’m sorry. But we can’t trust you.

And if you truly are a loving and benevolent spirit, you are only going to damage your claim by lashing out at us for not believing you.

And that’s just something you are going to have to understand and accept.

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