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Behind the Author

Alfred Eyrie has many stories to tell.  Stores that are so true, they can only be told under the guise of a pen name.  Stories of being bullied by a Ouija board, of finding voodoo in his underwear drawer, and of a childhood that ended abruptly after his family moved into a haunted house.

Alfred writes to encourage those who do not see the supernatural to have respect for those who do.  And he hopes that by sharing his experiences, others will be able to overcome their own brushes with the things that go bump in the night.



You know the page at the beginning of a book where they have to say "this is a work of fiction?"  Well, I can't say that.  

This is the true story of the haunted house I grew up in.  I may have changed the names of people and places to protect the privacy of my family and the other folks involved, but this is not just another one of those made-up spooky stories about a creepy old house.

This is the story of a house that most people didn't think was haunted, of a kid who most people thought was just using his big imagination, and of a family that had no idea what all they were getting into when they bought it.

This is the story of a real house where real people lived and died.  And though I've moved away and grown up, there are still real people who live there... and who... don't live there.

And the main reason I am writing this is because the family who lives in it right now... might be yours.


"If one door closes and another one opens, start worrying... because your house is probably haunted."


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